Trial Date Set For Theodore Wafer, Man Charged In Renisha McBride Shooting

Renisha McBride

Theodore Wafer, a Michigan man who fatally shot a woman through his screen door last year, will face trial in July.
Wafer, 55, is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and a related felony weapons charge in the death of Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old Detroit woman who was shot to death on Wafer’s porch last year. On Wednesday, Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway set his trial date for July 21, though it was initially scheduled to begin in early June. The final conference date is June 20.
McBride crashed her car shortly after midnight on Nov. 2; eyewitness accounts suggest she appeared confused and may have had a head injury. Her whereabouts for the next several hours are unknown, but she appeared on Wafer’s porch in nearby suburb of Dearborn Heights after 4 a.m.
Wafer shot her in the face through his screen door before calling 911.
Wafer’s attorney has portrayed his actions as self-defense, and said he feared McBride was breaking into his home. Defense attorney Cheryl Carpenter objected to assertions that McBride was seeking help after a car accident, and the Associated Press reports court filings show the defense may attempt to question McBride’s lifestyle and whether she “had a character trait for aggression.”
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