Trevor Noah Says Not Voting For Hilary Means You're Voting For Trump


CLEVELAND, Ohio– Trevor Noah says that if you are not voting for Hillary Clinton, you’re essentially casting a vote for Donald Trump.
“If you’re a Democrat and you say, ‘I’m not voting for Hillary,’ then you are voting for Trump … Not voting is voting,” Noah said Monday in Cleveland, according to The Huffington Post.
The host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” says supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders who have said they would not vote for Hilary Clinton should reconsider.
“You are not living in a two-party world,” he said. “There is not left or right, there are varying degrees, there is nuance.”
Noah, who cannot vote in the U.S., went on to add that he thinks some young Americans “take for granted that votes just happen.”
“If you’re a young person in America, this is your country going forward ― don’t be fooled by the fact that old people are running it now,” Noah said. “You will be dealing with the effects of what these people have voted for for the rest of your life, which is going to be hopefully much longer than the people that are much older than you.”

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