Transgender children of celebrities

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The new generation of Hollywood elite is handling their children’s gender ambivalence or their proclamation of their homosexuality radically different from their predecessors.
Whereas in the past, the person coming out of the closet would be subjected to unjust ridicule and/or have their chances for entertainment greatness seriously diminished, many more parents seem to be accepting their children as they are, ala reality TV star Andrea Kelly has with her teen daughter-turned-son Jaya Kelly (pictured above left) who announced her transsexuality via social media platform Facebook.
The increased acceptance of an individual’s sexual orientation in the new millennium does not eliminate the internal tumult and confusion a person goes through during the process of self discovery, particularly if that person is an adolescent trying hard to fit in with his or her peer group. And the depression and suicide rates for this demographic remain inordinate in comparison to the rest of society, as R. Kelly’s daughter Jaya (who now goes by the name of Jay) has attested.
The path to self-acceptance and reduced levels of depression can be eased by the support of those closest to them, analysts say.
“As support for equality continues to grow, parents – both celebrity and not – are realizing that it’s best for their kids if they encourage them to just be themselves,”Herndon Graddick, GLAAD’s Senior Director of Programs, tells “By sending messages of acceptance, parents are not only helping to create a more loving environment, they’re contributing to their child’s overall health and esteem.”

Let’s take a look at the celebrities who have transgender children:

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