Tomi Lahren Faces Backlash After Calling Black Lives Matter the "New KKK"

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Commentator Tomi Lahren is facing serious backlash after she accused Black Lives Matter of being the “new KKK” Sunday.
The controversial conservative host made the comments in a series of tweets on her Twitter account, writing: “Meet the new KKK, they call themselves ‘Black Lives Matter’ but make no mistake their goals are far from equality.”
The tweet has since been deleted, reports the International Business Times, adding that Lahren also accused the Black Lives Matter of waging ” a war on cops” for a “baseless agenda.”
Following her comments, a petition with about 50,000 signatures has now circulated calling for the news outlet, The Blaze, to fire the commentator.
According to Cameron Tendaji, author of the petition, “Everyone has a voice and an opinion. However, when the wrong voice is given a platform and is allowed to influence an audience of millions by perpetuating derogatory ideology toward select groups of individuals, this is where the injustice lies.”
Lahren has since defended herself on CNN stating: “I’m allowed to have my feelings and my opinions and I stand behind the things I say because the thing that hurts people the most is when you’re honest, when you look at something from an honest lens from your perspective and you bring that forth, you are immediately labelled for it and you are immediately criticized.”

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