Tim Scott's Misleading Tax Claims Explored


The Following post first appeared on FactCheck.org.
Sen. Tim Scott claims that the Affordable Care Act’s taxes of $800 billion hit small businesses and families. But that’s misleading on several levels: It overlooks the tax credits available to both; much of the 10-year tax figure Scott cited affects individuals earning more than $200,000, a small fraction of all taxpayers; and there are few taxes directly affecting small businesses.
The South Carolina senator made his claim on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Feb. 2. He actually said that “Obamacare takes another $800 billion out of the pockets of small-business owners through higher taxes and more revenues,” but his press secretary tells us he meant to say the money comes “out of the pockets of small-business owners and families.”
The claim is similar to past misleading statements from Republicans, who have claimed the taxes in the law are “middle-income tax increases” and tax increases on “the American people.”
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