Things You Don’t Know About Iggy Azalea’s Sex Tape Boyfriend

The specter of a sex tape involving mainstream media rap darling Iggy Azalea caused seismic quakes over the airwaves and made cyberspace tremble with shock and anticipation.
After vehement denials that the girl involved was Rolling Stone’s anointed queen, Iggy Azalea’s camp quickly flipped the script and said that the woman in the porn video may be her. They claim the tape may have been shot “without her knowledge or consent” by an ex-boyfriend and that he has leaked the tape for revenge.
A few days later, the same camp spit out that it was indeed Azalea but that she was underaged at the time of the making of the sex tape.
When Azalaea’s ex-boyfriend proved the tape was of Azalaea and that she was of legal age, coupled with his intent to sell the tape to Vivid Entertainment for worldwide distribution, that’s when Azalaea took yet another stance.
The Australian rapper unleashed the legal bloodhounds from the firm of Cut, Throat and Associates to try to make Vivid Entertainment and the former boyfriend quake and change their minds out of distributing the tape.
How Vivid Entertainment got their hands on this sex tape, which is reminiscent of the way the porn firm got their hands on the Mimi Faust-Nikko sex tape (through allegedly stolen property) has folks looking askance at Iggy’s ex-boyfriend
Just who is this former boyfriend and what is he about?
His name is Hefe Wine, a veteran rapper and producer based in Houston. That part you most likely already know.
Hefe recently shot a video for his single, “It Ain’t Trickin,” featuring Iggy Azalea, in Miami. Iggy was, of course, not in the video, but this cut represents one of the first recordings she did with her then boyfriend/manager/producer whom she is currently still under contractual obligations to, according to Hefe Wine.
The Texas native was originally signed with Rapalot Records and later landed a deal with Universal. Hefe Wine is mostly known for hit “Pop the Trunk.” Today, he is now in battle with Azalea over the iTune song.
According to the Hefe Wine camp, the rapper-producer, in fact, met Iggy on her 18th birthday, and there was no underage child porn star activity going on. Iggy lived with rapper in Houston before they both eventually moved to Atlanta.
Wine claims he is the backbone of her career, teaching the Australian aspiring star on proper pronunciations and the rap lexicon, and even helping her to create her rap style and flavor.
This contradicts Azalea’s initial claims (and that of her current label) that she didn’t even know this man , and there was no sex tape, which she confirmed through tweets, only to change the story later to maybe she knows him and maybe it was her, and then changing it again to saying she was underaged and the sextuple was made without her consent.
It gets quite dizzying keeping up with all the story transformations and alterations.
After Azalea’s amnesia wore off, her camp acknowledged existence of the sex tape and quickly dismissed Hefe Wine as a thirsty ex-boyfrriend looking for the quick come up. However, the perspective changes when you learn that Iggy may still be under contract with Hefe and has yet to fulfill a 3rd of what she signed up for.
Hefe says he owns the rights to her name which technically she didn’t even have the
rights to Trademark.
On a related note, Iggy is reportedly ready to enter into deals with Loreal and Covergirl cosmetics — deals that would be shattered into pieces if the sex tape gets purchased by Vivid Entertainment.
Stay tuned to further developments.

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