The White House is the ‘N—- House’ on Google Maps

google maps 2

The White House is also called the “N—- House” on Google Maps, it has been learned.

If an Internet user types in the words “N—-” and “House” on the Google Maps search bar, a map appears showing the layout of the District of Columbia and features the White House.

It doesn’t matter if the user types in the slang version of the epithet (N-word ending with the letter ‘a’) or the historical use of the word (which ends in the letters “er”), folks in the Washington metropolitan area will get the same result — the White House.

No word yet if this is the result of a racist hacker, TMZ reports, or if it is the work of a rogue employee.

Google returned TMZ’s inquiries on the matter, responding by offering a mea culpa:

“We apologize for any offense this may have caused. Our teams are working to fix this issue quickly.”




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