The Upside of Downsizing Your Holiday Season

The year two thousand and twenty has been an ongoing saga of life-altering events. Many of the adorned, traditional celebrations, trips, and gatherings were canceled, rescheduled, or modified for the safety of humankind. As the holiday season approaches, COVID-19 restrictions have once again forced us to make drastic changes to holiday family gatherings, but there is an upside to downsizing these affairs.

Saving Money

It is a known fact that many Americans go into debt during the holiday season to create crowd-pleasing, Hallmark celebrations. While there is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward, going into debt can be avoided this year by having smaller festivities and setting a reasonable budget for a fantastic celebration that will leave your hearts and pockets full.  You can DIY your table decorations, make a smaller meal that will produce a reasonable amount of leftovers for you to enjoy after the big day, or support a local restaurant and order take out. Saving money during this season is within your reach, and you can still have an amazing gathering without breaking the bank. After all, you still have to live and pay bills when the holiday season ends.

No Stress Prep

By adhering to COVID rules, you do not have to stress over extravagant décor or deep cleaning every corner (more than usual) to impress holiday guests. You can create a simple centerpiece that will define the meaning of your holiday celebration, ask the few guests you’ll have to bring something that reminds them of the Fall season, or you have the choice not to decorate at all. The holiday season is about being thankful, and it is okay to focus on that rather than whether the paper turkey in the middle of the table has all its feathers unfolded.

Holidays Chicago DefenderIntimate Quality Time

This holiday make plans to spend some quality time with an intimate group of family members. Let us be honest; there may be some people in your family you dread seeing during the holidays for several reasons. In fact, you would trade some of them for your closest friend and favorite celebrity. This year, you have the option not to suffer through a long dinner with them simply because they are family, and your reason can be” …because of COVID restrictions.”

Begin New Traditions

Typically, large family gatherings are a favorite during this time of year; however, the pandemic is still pandemic-ing, and activities are limited for everyone is good. Many may view this as a downer; however, this is an opportunity to begin new holiday traditions for you and your family.

Instead of engaging in the large gathering and risk the further spread of coronavirus, invite a small group of family members you do not interact with regularly over and celebrate. You can also host a cyber celebration where you reflect on this year and share what you are grateful for. After all, that is what this season is all about. Traditions are made by breaking norms and creating new rules. This is prime time to begin anew for holiday get-togethers until our new norm returns to old norms. Set new expectations and know that it is okay to keep things simple.

Heart Check

November and December are two months of the year, where we focus on family. While this has been the norm, let us make focusing on family and celebrations a daily habit. As we continue this season, let us remember to keep each other safe and welcome new traditions.

Contributor Liz Lampkin is a Lifestyle, Love, and Relationship writer. Follow her on social media @Liz_Lampkin.

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