The ultimate Father’s day gift – power and pride

Kevin Williams, Director, BMW Multicultural Marketing, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

If you’re not in position to give your beloved father a new car for the often-overlooked holiday – you can secure your position as his favorite child with this one of a kind gift. In Chicago, this weekend you can give Dad a BMW driving experience for Father’s Day at several special events.

On Saturday, June 16 if you’re one of the more than 600 guests attending the Agora Sneakerball benefit at The Geraghty, Chicago’s premier fundraiser and celebration for Kicks 4 the City you can discover new meaning and value to the adage, “where the rubber meets the road” and check out the latest in BMW’s MINI Cooper and Motorrad Models, while raising funds to put shoes on the feet of needy kids.

“BMW now has everything from a 1 series to an 8 series on the sedan side. We have an X1 all the way to an X6 and we’ll soon have an X7. So, our target audience is someone who enjoys driving … a person with a zest for life regardless of their skin complexion and regardless of their gender,” explained Kevin Williams, Director of Multicultural Marketing, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives for the prestigious automaker and organizer of several key events to provide consumers with an up-close and personal look at its line of vehicles. “These are a luxury vehicles and with that comes high quality engineering and next level innovation in our vehicles,” Williams added.

On the big day, Sunday, June 17 Chicago car enthusiasts are encouraged to join BMW of North America for a major Pride Celebration and participate in the Drive for the Cause event from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. just before the main event at the Personal Lounge on Wells St. “We are always looking at how to provide the best and the safest driving experience for consumers. Today we have hybrids, we have electric vehicles which are innovations if you think about where we were five years ago and where we are today,” said Williams.

From Bavarian Motor Works 1 though a 3 series, designed to appeal to more youthful drivers between the ages of 24 and 35 through its XY or X2 vehicles for the more established car owner, consumers are finding that BMWs are more available to them than ever. BMW’s affordability is in large part due to the expansion of the auto manufacturer’s portfolio of cars as well as the rising cost of domestic vehicles.
“It just depends on where that person is in their life stage.  Whether they’re a professional or an entrepreneur, whether they’re an artist or a doctor. We target people who enjoy driving, and who have a passion for products and services, we … deliver to them based on they’re lifestyle and what they’re needs are,” concluded Williams.


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