The rise of Racism in America

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We are watching the racist in America proudly flaunt their hate in your face all delivered by the new Hitler.
If you don’t think this man is dangerous for all of us white, black and all other minorities then think again.
He will unleash fear on both sides of the fence and people will want to protect themselves before history repeats itself. His tactics of strong arming protesters at his rallies are the same as used by Hitlers Nationalistic¬† party to create fear and control of the people as a party of strength and direction. The mirror doesn’t lie when we look at this madman and see his alter ego at work.
Killings will be rampant unjustified based simply out of fear and the need to protect ones families. The open carrying of weapons in some states send out a message to others in states across America that there is a need to bear arms.
This is simply the beginning of this madness and the panic created by a White press bent on supporting the Trumps of the world is only aiding in driving rational thought out the window.
Its effect is reaching over here to Europe as hate mongers are finding they have the backing of the people as the waves of foreign hate and fear rises.
The idea of white countries becoming threatened with the influx of Moslem men and their values has set the white world on a course of impulsive fear.
The media is feeding this fear with lies and the Trumps of the world are using this as their moment to feed the fires perfectly timed with the election for president not far off.
We need to move quickly to put these fires out with rational thinking and not the thinking of the racist.
Write letters to the press letting them know you have had enough of their fear baiting.
And most of all vote vote vote we don’t need these types running America or sitting in congress controlling our lives and our children’s future as they create laws to turn back time.

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