The Promontory Hosts Benefit Concert for Chicago Hip Hop Icon GQTHATEACHA

If Chicago Hip-hop had an ambassador, it would undoubtedly be GQTHATEACHA. 

He is a historian, emcee, curator, tastemaker and connector. His taste in music is without peer. 

I know this from personal experience. Whenever I saw GQ in Hyde Park or, more recently, at the Chicago Hip Hop Heritage Museum, the first thing he did was introduce me to some dope new music—soulful Hip-hop that makes you close your eyes and be transported to another dimension. 

He introduced me to artists such as 2000BLACK, Kenny Keys, Buscrates, Brittney Carter, Freddie Old Soul, and many others. 

He probably doesn’t know this, but GQ and cats like Duane Powell and Charles Williams helped expand my musical palette ever since I moved to Chicago in 2004 and would make weekly pilgrimages to Dr. Wax in Hyde Park. 

That’s why it is fitting that GQ gets his much-deserved flowers with a special event in his honor. 

This Sunday (March 31) at 8 p.m., the Promontory in Hyde Park (5311 S Lake Park Ave W) is hosting an event titled “Chicago Hip Hop Salutes GQTHATEACHA,” a benefit concert featuring performances from some of his favorite Hip-hop artists in the city. 

If you know like I know, that should already tell you that the show will be dope.

For information on this event, visit this link


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