The Lives of Women in PR in Chicago Focus of Series

“Followers, likes, shares, the digital and social world that is changing every day. In my quest to stay relevant I repeatedly ask the questions: what does today’s girl strive to become; what is she interested in; what are her dreams; and most importantly, who inspires her,” Farissa Knox ponders in the introduction of the first episode of the second season of her reality show “PR Girl,” as she sits in front of a laptop with a stemless glass of red wine.

Knox was looking to create meaningful and powerful content that would resonate with young women. She came up the idea to create a reality show revolving around the lives of women in the public relations field and “PR Girl” was born.

“I just knew a young woman would want to watch,” said Knox, who is the CEO of RLM Media and WhatRUWearing Productions. “These women are the reason why the party is happening.”

Knox said she wanted to recreate “Sex and the City” with real women. She knew people would want to watch the characters be fantastic.

The second season of the show is available on Amazon. There are eight, 28-minute episodes.

In its first iteration the show centered on Alex Maresco, a grad student doing entertainment PR. It premiered on You Tube in 2017. During the filming of the first season, Knox met Fallon Ryan. She realized how she wanted to proceed with the second season of the show.

“I saw her, met her and said, ‘if her life is what I think it is, I have my season two,” Knox said.

For the second season, Knox wanted more than one woman to highlight. She started doing research on Instagram, looking at who was putting on fun, amazing events.

“I did a little bit of stalking, did a short list,” she said. “I set up coffee and drink dates.”

Knox chose Nolita Pore and Alex Ott to join Ryan.

“I found Nolita through her social media and instantly connected with her,” Knox said.

When it came to focus the show, Knox said she created a treatment which involved sitting down and talking to each of the women to find out what they had going on. From that information, Knox figured out the storyline for the season.

“In the editing process, if it doesn’t help the storyline or entertain the audience, it doesn’t go in,” she said. “Because it doesn’t help tell the story we’re trying to tell.”

Knox said she appreciates the positive feedback she receives from viewers. “I love it, they tell me how much they love the show,” she said. “Publicists are excited to see their hard work on display.”

Knox also said with the world of public relations being so misunderstood, those who work in public relations appreciate their story being told.

“People love how beautiful it is and how inspiring it is,” she said.

It was Knox’s goal to make sure the show was positive, with the hope people would be inspired by its positivity. She also wanted to make sure she focused on the aesthetics – clothes, hair, jewelry – both from a female’s perspective and as a woman creative.

“Women see the world very differently,” she said.

Knox said Amazon is a platform where producers and creators can really excel, because of the amount of people all over the world who have access to it.

“I love that Prime and Amazon allow artists to share their work with the world,” she said. Knox said she has so many ideas for season three, which some reviewers have clamored for.

“If a platform came to me tomorrow, I know where and how I can take it,” she said. “I’m just waiting for the opportunity to make it happen.”

At the end of the first episode, Knox is back at the laptop, with her glass of wine. “Behind the curtain, there are masterminds, defining a brand’s story, emotionally connecting with audiences and pulling the strings behind what’s hot and what’s not. For me, hard work and dedication always wins.”

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