The Kingdom Kees to Promotion: Listening To God and Finding Your Voice




This article is an excerpt written by Minister Quiana Kee for the forthcoming anthology “Kingdom Women: Powerful, Purposeful and Precious” – a collection of testimonies by the Women’s Ministry at the Kingdom Advancement Center.  The book will be released at the Kingdom Advancement Center’s Healing & Deliverance Conference in Elgin, Ill, on Oct 5-7, 2018.  Visit for more info.


I haven’t always felt comfortable asking for what I believe I deserve in my professional life.  Insecurities about my worth and fear of rejection have hindered me from finding my voice.  No matter how many times the voice of the Lord would tell me, “I will prosper you” or “This is what I have for you, My child,” I would still contend with the voice of the enemy.  That cunning beast would say, “You’re not good enough” or “Who do you think you are to ask for that?”  There have been times in my career when I’ve allowed the voice of the enemy to overpower the voice of the Lord.  As a result of that, I’ve settled for whatever the world decided to give me.


When I didn’t get a promotion over the span of four years, I believed there was something I wasn’t doing to receive it.  Although I was adding value to the company as an engineer, I neither felt worthy enough nor knew how to ask for a promotion.  Being a double minority in a White, male-dominated company also didn’t help.  When I finally received the promotion, my manager began the conversation with, “This is long overdue.”  I soon realized that this world would only give me what it wanted me to have and what I was willing to tolerate.  Though the enemy does not want me to prosper in a righteous way, it was by God’s power and recognition that I received that promotion!  Through the words of my manager, the Lord told me that the promotion had been available and set aside for me for some time.  Why didn’t I ask for it?


Later in my career, I shifted from engineering to project management.  Working as a Senior Project Manager under a new boss, I had really hit my stride in my professional life!  I was helping my team do their best work and resolving issues for my customers.  Yet when I received my annual raise, I heard the voice of the Lord say, “I have more for you.”  Over the following months, I wrestled with the idea of asking for more money.  Should I do it?  What gives me the right to ask for more?  What if they say no?  All of these words – rooted in doubt, insecurity, and fear – were NOT from my Father.  Thankfully, God had a stronger message for me in His Word.  During my study time, He clearly asked me, “How long will you neglect to possess the land which I have given you?”  (Joshua 18:3).  How long was I going to allow doubt, insecurity, and fear to stand between me and His promises for me?  GO and POSSESS IT!


God gave me the courage to ask for a salary review.  After their review, they confirmed that I was indeed underpaid in comparison to others in my role.  God’s Word gave me boldness to overpower the voice of enemy and to find my voice.  My salary was adjusted accordingly.  I had finally possessed the land.


Now, as an executive with close to 20 years of experience, I have far less fear in asking for what I know the Lord has for me.  Yes, I know — it only took 20 years!  His Word says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7).  When the executive position was offered to me, I did not hesitate to ask for and receive more with a counter-offer.  Why?  Because the Lord told me not to accept what the world gives me.  Though grateful for the offer, I humbly went before His throne knowing that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I could ask or think according to the power that works in me!  That power that works in me allowed me to counter with wisdom and boldness.  The power that works in me listens to God, silences the enemy, and helps me to find my voice according to God’s Word.  The power of the Holy Spirit becomes the voice for all those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Reggie and Quiana Kee

Reggie and Quiana Kee have known each other for over 20 years and were married in 2004. They were licensed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in 2015 at the Kingdom Advancement Center in Elgin, Ill., where they currently reside. They have two children and are the co-founders of Ink Well Spoken and Manu Forti Ministries, which serve as the marketplace and faith-based programs for their motivational speaking initiatives.



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