The Chicago Defender Endorses Andrea Zopp for U.S. Senate

The Chicago Defender Endorses Andrea Zopp for U.S. Senate

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Andrea Zopp U.S. Senate Candidate
Andrea Zopp U.S. Senate Candidate

CHICAGO (March 1, 2016) – The Chicago Defender endorses Democratic, U.S. Senate hopeful, Andrea Zopp. The Chicago Defender Editorial Board says hands down “Andrea Zopp is the best qualified candidate for the office of U.S. Senator.”
We share her belief that effective government requires that all voices are heard not only during elections but after they are won. We believe that elected public servants should be those who have a proven track record of leadership and experience driving positive change in the communities they represent.  Andrea Zopp has more than 30 years working in the community for the community as an advocate for working families, the underserved and children.
Behind the scenes she has worked tirelessly for the benefit of those who cannot do so for themselves. During her tenure as president of the Chicago Urban League, candidate Zopp assumed a leading role in making sure that Blacks, women and other minorities were represented fairly receiving jobs and contracts for the construction of the Red Line.
Zopp’s stance on the importance of women in the landscape of change in America and the world is progressive and visionary. She understands that with women it is necessary to address the social, economic challenges that women, blue collar and middle class families face daily to survive and will work effectively to transform the status quo.
As a former federal prosecutor Zopp is intimately familiar with the flaws and the strengths of our criminal justice system. She is the better prepared candidate to advocate for reform to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences; to restructure the juvenile justice system and remove youths under 18 years-old  from adult facilities.
Candidate Zopp knows the importance of quality education and the necessity to advocate to ensure that as a society we provide every child with the comprehensive competitive education to enable them to succeed.
She will fight to keep Americans healthy; to create jobs and equity in employment and entrepreneurial opportunities; to create fair immigration policies that will benefit both immigrants and Americans.
Andrea Zopp is committed to transparency and restoring our community’s faith in the political system.

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