The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Hackers On Black Friday

Marcus Clackson via Getty Images

With the Black Friday shopping frenzy just around the corner, shoppers may be wondering whether there’s anything they can do to protect themselves if another massive cyberattack takes place.

The short answer is yes: Use your credit card. Doing so won’t necessarily protect you from getting hacked, but credit cards offer a number of features that will make life much easier if the worst happens, experts told The Huffington Post. And the same can’t be said of debit cards.

“The biggest separation between credit and debit is that if something does happen with your debit card, someone can get access to real money out of a checking account that can take up to two weeks to replace,” Matt Schulz, a senior industry analyst, told HuffPost. “While that money is gone, it’s money you can’t spend on holiday shopping or even a rent payment or a car payment.”

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