The beauty at our feet.

The beauty that surrounds us often lies at our feet. I started photographing flowers as an exercise in making portraits. I saw each flower as a different face, a different personality, or a lovely woman before my lens. The longer I looked the more I realized there was a deepness in each lovely bloom in each leaf each petal. They all deserve to be treated as individual stars. As time went on I found I would often think of different things as I looked at them, from children suffering in the streets of America, to children living in a war ,or in the desert heat of Africa. Many things came to mind. And each flower has with it a story that’s come from its soul. I say this because how else can I explain the vast collection of words they have inspired. Over time I will share them with you but this is but a few of the thousands of flowers I have photographed not to mention other things along the way. So each flower you see on my post are my special babies.


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