Terrence Howard cries in court as ex-wife threatened to reveal STD

This is a cautionary tale about the horrors of not getting a pre-nup.
“Empire” star Terrence Howard began breaking down in court on Friday when he recounted that he signed a spousal support agreement under duress because his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, threatened to reveal sensitive medical information that would make it impossible for him to ever get work in Hollywood ever again.
Howard was on the stand as he talked about a conversation that he secretly taped as his former wife threatened that if he didn’t open up his wallet wide enough she would tell folks that he had an STD.
Ghent also was able to squeeze more money out of him because she threatened to leak a sex tape he made with another woman, TMZ reports.
Howard was in court because, as the publication reported, he is trying to invalidate that settlement agreement he previously made with his ex-wife because it was done under the threat of exposure of his private information. As of now, Howard agreed to give her $5,800 a month in spousal support along with a large percentage of his “Empire” earnings.
And again, we return to the horrors of not signing a prenuptial agreement when you are rich and you and your significant other now hate each other.

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