Teesee's Town: Oprah's On!–Whitney, M.J., Mariah kick-start her 24th season

Two back-to-back episodes with Whitney Houston in a candid, revealing, no-holds barred world exclusive interview launches the 24th season of “The Oprah Show” Monday.

Two back-to-back episodes with Whitney Houston in a candid, revealing, no-holds barred world exclusive interview launches the 24th season of "The Oprah Show" Monday. Opening up for the first time in seven years, Whitney talks about drugs, rehab, marriage, divorce and her new album. No topic is off-limits for an interview that’s too big for just one day. Oprah asks the questions on all our minds: “When did the drugs start?” “What finally made you decide I’m out of this marriage?” and “Were you afraid that you had lost the voice?”

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And on Wednesday, the talk show queen reveals for the first time the untold stories behind her history-making 1993 interview with Michael Jackson. Along with an encore presentation of excerpts from the original interview and unaired footage, Oprah dedicates the entire show to The King of Pop with never-before-revealed personal details about their sit-down that was seen by more than 100 million people worldwide. (I remember it all too well! It was my very first look at Michael’s Neverland Ranch, named for the fantasy island in the story of “Peter Pan,” a boy who never grew up.)


Next day, Dr. “Tell It Like It Is” Phil returns to Oprah’s stage to set the record straight and bring viewers the story of a woman whose father is a serial killer. Friday: “Live from New York: Mariah Carey, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa” and Oprah’s Book Club announcement.


And More! – All of the above will be “sneak previewed” on “Oprah” when she hosts a Season 24 kick-off party in the streets of Chicago. A crowd of thousands joins her for a fun-filled, star-studded celebration, including a special appearance by three time Grammy Award-winning The Black Eyed Peas. Then, on Friday, the “Oprah Show” features exclusive interviews with newsmakers who had people talking all summer. TV’s Lisa Ling returns for the first time since she and her sister, Laura, were reunited, after Laura was set free following a 140-day detention in North Korea. ESPN’s Erin Andrews speaks out for what she calls “the first and last time” about the peephole video filmed without her knowledge and circulated on the Internet. Finally, Father Alberto Cutie, often called “Father Oprah,” opens up about falling in love, falling out of favor with the Catholic Church and his new life with his wife and stepson.

Sing Sasha, Sing! – By popular demand, entertainer and vocalist, Chicago’s own Sasha Daltonn, presents her critically acclaimed tribute to the undisputed legendary Queen of Blues Dinah Washington.

Daltonn__Sasha.jpgSasha Sings Dinah” will be available for one show only on Sunday, 4:30 p.m., at DuSable Museum. Sasha performs some of Dinah’s most memorable recordings backed by Corky McClerkin and Marjorie Stroud on twin grand pianos. The show will also feature a surprise guest, promises Sasha, who has performed this tribute throughout the U.S. and is slated to begin a European tour before year’s end. You don’t want to miss it! Call (312) 881-9262.


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