Tameka, Usher Head Back To Court Amid Claims Co-Parenting Isn’t Working


The war of the exes continues as Tameka Foster (pictured left) and her ex-hubby crooner, Usher (pictured), reportedly head back to court over co-parenting issues, according to TMZ.

Foster and Usher, who were married for two years and have two sons together, have publicly battled each other with their gloves off since their divorce proceedings began in 2009. And after a nasty spectacle of plenty of mud slinging, Usher was awarded primary custody of their young sons last year.
Now Foster, who claims she has tried to co-parent amicably with her ex, says that Usher has shut her out of the children’s lives when it comes to making important decisions about their welfare.
According to Foster, Usher is supposed to consult with her as far as making decisions that involve travel, schooling, and activities for their 4- and- 5-year-old sons, but instead, Usher repeatedly leaves her out of the loop. For example, Usher allegedly signed up one of the boys to play football without getting her approval first.
Now Foster is reportedly not happy with the co-parenting arrangement that is in place and has hightailed it off to court to petition for a change.

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