Sweets for Your Sweetie

October 16th, 2021 marks this year’s Sweetest Day. Decades ago, this day was celebrated to bring a sense of joy to someone’s life by gifting them with candy, hence the name Sweetest Day. However, in recent years the day has been recast as a day for couples to celebrate their love. Many couples go out to dinner or take short weekend vacations to commemorate their love for each other. Unfortunately, last year’s pandemic put a slight halt to the celebration. With stay-at-home orders, variations of quarantine coupled with restaurants closing or limiting their number of customers left couples with limited celebration options. While we’re still in the pandemic, restrictions have been lifted, and now people can return to their traditional ways of showing their love. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more intimate, economical ways to celebrate, check out the list of things below.

  1. Have an indoor picnic at home. Gather a giant blanket with matching throw pillows, candles rose petals, and any other decor your heart desires. Carefully plan your meal and pack it neatly in a picnic basket. Choose your favorite couples drink along with appropriate stemware and dine the night away.
  2. Create the gift of fantasies. Gather one pack of black cards with envelopes, a small to medium gift box, and wrapping material. Make a list of your fantasies ranging from simple to intimate. While preparing these, think about a poem or romantic quote to place at the beginning of each fantasy. Once you have everything, begin writing them out and put them in individual envelopes with numbers on them. Place all fantasies in your chosen gift box, wrap it tightly and gift your partner your fantasies.
  3. Have a wine tasting at home. Purchase 3-5 flavors of wine, gather six wine glasses and prepare or purchase a charcuterie board. Arrange everything on a counter or table, so it is aesthetically pleasing. Have chalkboard labels, stands, or signs with instructions or the evening menu to add a special touch to your tasting.
  4. Go on a lunch date. Take your sweetie out on the town for a day date. Try a new restaurant and order something the two of you can share. If you’re looking for something fun yet intimate, try going to one of the many black-owned cafes in the city. Be sure to make reservations if you can.
  5. Give the gift of sweets! Prepare a gift basket of sweet treats for you and your mate to share. Purchase a variety of cakes, candies, and other goodies from one or many black-owned sweet shops. Place them in a gift basket, wrap them up and enjoy them together.

If you don’t have a designated sweetheart to share with this year, no worries. This day was designed to show someone love, and you should do just that. Extending a friendly offer to treat someone to dinner can make their day. Send them a lovely card or devise another nice gesture if you don’t want to do that. Sweetest Day comes around but once a year. Whatever you decide to do, be sure you’re spreading love and joy.


Liz Lampkin is a Lifestyle, Love, and Relationships writer. Follow her on social media @Liz_Lampkin.



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