Sweetest Day 2020: Celebrating COVID Style

This Saturday, October 17th, marks the traditional holiday Sweetest Day. While the origins of this day date back to the early 1900s, the Midwest adopted this day for women to treat their close male friends, boyfriends, and husbands with thoughtful gifts and gestures to celebrate them. Many couples will plan to have brunch or dinner, and others may getaway for a small romantic weekend.

For some, Sweetest Day 2020 will be celebrated from the comfort of their homes, engaging in intimate activities that will bring them closer together. Ladies, as you prepare to celebrate the man in your life, consider one of the practical romantic recipes to do this weekend for both of you to enjoy.

Begin the day by giving your partner a sweet kiss.

A Kiss for Each Day

Ingredients: Hershey’s Kisses, 1 Medium Woven Basket (or another creative container), 1-2 Rolls of Iridescent Wrapping Paper, 1-2 Spools of Curling Ribbon, 1 Pair of Shears, 1 Large Gift Now, 1 Blank Card with Envelope (optional)

Prepare In Advance

Count every day you and your mate have been together, or the days leading up to a special occasion. If you are in a long-distance relationship or social distancing from your mate, count the days you’ve been apart or the days until you see each other again. Whatever your heart desires, just be sure to count each day!


Take the wrapping paper and cut into squares large enough to wrap around a Hershey’s Kiss. Be sure you have enough squares to wrap every single kiss you’ve counted for your days.

Next, take the spools of ribbon and cut it into pieces long enough to tie a knot and curl. When these steps are complete, begin wrapping each Kiss. Once you’ve wrapped the candy, twist the paper around the Kiss’s neck and then tie one piece of ribbon around it. Make sure it’s in a knot to secure the ribbon in place. After the paper and ribbon are secure, begin curling the ribbon and place each Kiss in the container of your choice.

From this point, you have two options: You can wrap the container with clear wrapping paper or a decorative tool. When this is done, seal your kisses with the large bow, the choice is yours.

To add an extra sentimental touch, have a blank note card prepared with an original or romantic poem or quote with a theme of kisses. After all is done, give your kisses.

Yields 1 serving of Elated Bliss

*All ingredients and instructions may be altered for individual taste*

If you are a busy romantic who’s always on the go, or if you’re a last-minute planner, try one of the following heartfelt romantic gestures for Sweetest Day.

Quick and Easy Recipes for the Busy Romantic

  1. Leave sweet and sensual notes around the house, in his clothes, in the car, etc. Each letter should remind your mate what he means to you, a special moment, or a fantasy you want to indulge in. Just be sure each note strokes your mates ego and puts them in a romantic mood. Prep Time: 45 minutes. Yields many servings of Sweet Mementos.
  2. Give your mate, your heart. Bake or purchase an assortment of heart-shaped pastries, place them in a gift box or arrange them in a small/medium gift box or basket. To add a special touch, have a love poem or note placed in the box/basket for your mate. This will let your mate know that you are ready and willing to give them your heart. Prep Time: Yields 1 serving of Love and Romance
  3. If you’re going out to dinner, before or after your meal has been served, present your mate with a heartfelt letter penned by you. The message can express your love and admiration for them, discuss your favorite date memory or intricately describe a fantasy you’ve been waiting to act out. Prep Time: Yields 1 serving of Heartfelt Expression

No matter how you decide to spend Sweetest Day this year, be sure you’re spending it with the one you love and doing so safely.

Liz Lampkin is a Lifestyle, Love, and Relationships writer. Follow her on social media @Liz_Lampkin


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