Suge Knight Shooter Identified

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The mysterious shooter who fired multiple rounds into a West Hollywood, Calif. nightclub that struck Suge Knight six times, and hit a gorgeous model in her hindquarters, has been identified by the Los Angeles Police Department.
The problem, however, is this:  The LAPD and LA County Sheriff’s Department still can’t arrest the man.
Why not, you ask?
Despite the fact that authorities feel confident they’ve identified the shooter on surveillance cameras at 10ak on the eve of the MTV Video Music Awards, they don’t believe they have enough evidence to arrest the suspect, police sources tell
Why not, you ask?
Because no one who was in attendance at the Chris Brown-hosted party is talking — including the very man who got six slugs stuck in him: Marion “Suge” Knight.
No surprises there.
Forthcoming witnesses are usually scarce in crimes such as these, and the police are still hoping someone will come forward and identify who the shooter is.
Good luck with that.

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