Study finds human DNA in hotdogs; also finds meat in veggie burgers

Human DNA in hotdogs? What?!?
A new report claims your hot dog or veggie dog may have an unintended “special ingredient” – human DNA.
Clear Food, a food-analysis company, recently examined 345 hot dogs and sausages. According to the report, the company found human DNA in 2 percent of the products tested. “Two-thirds of the human DNA samples were vegetarian samples,” the study adds.
The report also notes that more than 14 percent of the samples, which came from 75 brands and 10 different retailers, “were problematic in some way.”
That’s not the only bad news for veggie lovers. The report goes on to say that researchers found traces of meat in 10 percent of the “vegetarian” products.
But all is not lost for frank fanatics. Clear Food gave a shout-out to the brands that fared best in their test, including Butterball, McCormick, Eckrich, Hebrew National and Gardein. Meanwhile, Oscar Mayer’s Premium Jumbo Beef Franks took the title of top dog, described as “high quality and good value in a high-visibility national brand.”
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