Students Visit Stickney Water Reclamation Plant

President Kari K. Steele of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) welcomed Prairie Junior High School students, grades 7-8, to the MWRD Stickney Water Reclamation Plant to wish them good luck during their upcoming participation in the Future City Competition (January 2020).

This year’s competition theme is “Clean Water: Tap Into Tomorrow.” Teams will choose a threat to their city’s water supply and design a resilient system to maintain a reliable supply of clean drinking water. Steele also thanked the staff and students for including MWRDGC in their competition project planning. Each student received a MWRD goody bag with related community information.   

“Each year I am excited to attend the Future City Competition to see the ingenious talents of competing students. Welcoming Prairie Junior High School to the MWRD Stickney Water Reclamation Plant intrigues my curiosity to see if our fascinating work will inspire creativity as part of their Future City Competition project. It is my goal to have encouraging conversations about MWRD and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in treating wastewater and managing stormwater,” Steele said. 


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