I think these Works of Words are probably gonna be my most heartfelt and descriptive expression of love and commitment to my people. Remember when I penned an article about us being more mature in our decisions and actions? Well, what I’m gonna lay out will require maturity at the highest level. Because the Black community is in need of some real transformation if we’re to advance in unimaginable ways.
By now, we know that Blacks ain’t **__! We hear that at every intersection……when people are having water cooler conversations, news personalities and pastors are delivering their sermons and even some of our elite, educated, and so-called professionals and entrepreneurs are talking Black. But the talking they’re doing is harmful and divisive. That’s what I want them to be more mature about.
This is my one and only New Year’s Resolution. In 2019, this is what I demand: If Black folks, collectively, are so bad or unattractive to other Blacks, then leave the community. Be a part of the exodus that’s happening with people leaving this freakin’ city. If you’re gonna live, work and play in the hood, then move heaven and earth to make it better, not worse. Because that’s what you do when screaming out negative narratives about your own people.
Don’t be afraid to call out any one person or group of people who are fraudulent! I endorse that. But don’t hide behind or scapegoat your emotions by grouping the community when trying to make your point. List the names of the ones doing wrong. Every Black person should not be made to feel guilty as though they did the horrible act!
We can point out the wrong that individuals do but let’s not put our community under one umbrella. I’ll not engage in chatter with anyone who starts off: All Black people! If we wanna inspire each other, let us do that, because we can’t transform lives by dogging out Black life. This goes for Black radio talking heads, guest commentators, printed journalists and alike. STOP! We have plenty to be proud of. Let’s showcase our greatness. This should be our new year’s pledge.

Carl D. West

Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of TBTNews and founder of the TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Leadership Luncheon, Legend and Pioneer Awards, all powered by Midwest Gap Enterprise.

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