Stacey Dash Gets Ripped for Defending Bill Cosby

stacey raven
Both Raven-Symone and Stacey Dash have defended Bill Cosby in their own ways in recent days.

As the shards of his legendary career lay shattered around his feet, Bill Cosby has gotten support of sorts from two unlikely sources. One was Raven-Symone, who was just emerging from toddler status as the cute little girl in the 1980s mega-show “The Cosby Show,” and actress-turned-conservative activist Stacey Dash.
In fact, Dash went to some lengths to say that Cosby never did anything appropriate to her when they first met:
Unfortunately for Dash, her credibility has been called into question and she was torn apart by social media despite her support of Cosby. Take a look:


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