Slipout Mobile App Helps Victims of Domestic Violence.

Chicago-native and abuse survivor Lisa R. Jenkins has launched a new app for iOS and Android. The Slipout mobile app is intended to help users gain practical knowledge in various areas surrounding ending abusive and toxic relationships. Through seven years of healing since her escape, Jenkins has dedicated her life to helping other victims become conquerors and go on to live purposeful lives.

Slipout App Chicago Defender
Domestic Violence Survivor turned Advocate, Author and App Developer, Lisa R. Jenkins.

“Everyone has a different idea of what ‘support’ means. Asking for help is difficult for most. For victims of abuse, it is also embarrassing. The Slipout mobile app allows users to anonymously connect with a member of The Slipout team to receive one-on-one support,” says The Slipout developer Lisa R. Jenkins. “The Slipout mobile app connects users to emergency service with one click of the Call 911 Now button if they are in imminent danger.”

The new app’s capabilities include daily push notifications for encouraging or motivating messages, as well as a list of organizations across the world that provide support to victims of domestic violence. The Slipout’s mobile app provides a ton of information along with an interactive checklist of the steps needed to take to escape from an abusive relationship. As each step has been completed, it can be checked off the list.

“While journalism and public relations are my first passions, I also love writing self-help books and now creating an app that feels intuitive to the user and bring issues they care about to their fingertips,” says Jenkins. “This app gives users a carousel of resources from learning how to manage your self-care regime to PTSD and its triggers. This unique approach has proven to be a hit, and the app has been downloaded more than 800 times across 26 countries since its launch on September 27, 2020.”

The app was designed by public relations consultant, self-published author, and domestic violence advocate Lisa R. Jenkins. After personally navigating growing up in a toxic household, and an abusive relationship, Jenkins gained the unique ability to service those dealing with similar traumatic experiences. She understands how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) along with generational curses create broken children and adolescents who develop into broken adults.

Jenkins said she created The Slipout mobile app because she does not want any other victim –male or

Slipout App Chicago Defender
The Slipout app is available for Apple and Android phones.

female – must figure out his or her escape on their own. “Leaving you abuser is one of the most life-threatening times within an abusive relationship. Escape requires a unique skill that resides just on the other side of sheer terror”, Jenkins added.

Users can download The Slipout mobile app in the iOS or Android app stores now. For more information on the Slipout app visit their social media page,


Danielle Sanders is a journalist and writer living in Chicago. Find her on social media @DanieSandersOfficial.


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