Skin care business offers a warm spirit

In 1998, a skin care company was started–with only six products–in the hope of empowering the Black community. Ten years later, it is doing just that.

In 1998, a skin care company was started–with only six products–in the hope of empowering the Black community.

Ten years later, it is doing just that.

Warm Spirit, headquartered in west suburban Oak Brook, has a staff of 25 with an additional 8,000 to 10,000 consultants selling its more than 150 products, Tracey Bell, vice president of sales and marketing for Warm Spirit, told the Defender.

“Ninety-five percent of our consultants are Black. And with so many people losing their jobs because of the economy, Warm Spirit is the perfect part-time, seasonal or full-time job,” she said. “It offers flexibility, high earning potential and a fresh start at a new career as an entrepreneur.”

“You can easily earn $300 a week working from home,” Bell said.

And Bell is quick to dispel the notion that Warm Spirit is just another skin care provider like Mary Kay.

“Our products are made with natural ingredients like organic oils,” she explained. “Mary Kay is more cosmetic where as our products actually heal the skin.”

Warm Spirit’s core base of consultants are Black women, mainly because women are usually looking for jobs that offer flexible schedules, said Janice Beavers, 45, a selfemployed business consultant for Fashion Fair cosmetics.

“There is no such thing as a Black domestic housewife anymore. Wives are working full-time jobs and often seeking a part-time job, as well, to help pay escalating bills during such a rough economy,” Beavers said. “A lot of men are losing their jobs and, if that should happen, it means the woman of the house must now step up.”

But examining Warm Spirit’s consultant base, it may not be apparent that the company targets its recruitment towards women.

“We have a lot of male consultants and even customers,” Bell said. “Working as a consultant is a sales job, an industry still dominated by men.”

And because so many people are cost conscience, Warm Spirit products are not only affordable but last longer, Bell added.

The cost to get started as a consultant is comparable to the price of a hair cut. For a $25 franchise fee, a person can become a consultant. As part of this initial fee, newcomers receive a starter kit that includes products and a training video.

Among the things the video discusses are effective ways to sell their products.

Warm Spirit purchases can be made online at or through a consultant.

The company’s line includes body wash, body lotion, pure soy candles, bubble baths, shampoo, bar soap, herbal lip balm and massage oil.

The company’s founder, Daniel Wolfe, who is white, gives several reasons why Warm Spirit products are worth buying: products are American-made, contain pure essential oils and no artificial blends, are never tested on animals and contain no harsh chemicals.

And Charlene Schuster-Knox, president, said its products are not only good for your body but your soul as well.

“Self-care is an absolute prerequisite for good health and wellness. By deepening our attention to ourselves, we become more in tune with our true essence,” she said. “This connection allows us to be free from the constant thoughts that pull us away from the deeper, rich part of our true essence as human beings.”


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