Skimpy Health Law Plans Leave Some "Underinsured"

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If you know people who are working for just a little money and struggling with medical bills, President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul may sound like the answer to their problems.
They can get coverage and financial help with monthly premiums.
But researchers have a warning for patients with cancer or other serious conditions. Out-of-pocket costs could be so high, they’ll still struggle financially.
Take an adult under 65 with no job-based coverage, making $24,000 a year.
His premium would be capped at about $130 a month. A stretch, but doable.
But if he gets really sick, or has an accident, deductibles and copays could go as high as $5,200 in a worst-case scenario. That’s more than 20 percent of income.
And that would leave the person underinsured.

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