Leon Triplet in after five formal wear
Leon Triplett in after five formal wear



Leon Triplet latest CD released
Leon Triplett latest CD released




 Lyricist, Composer, Vocalist, Performer and Record Company CEO Leon Triplett is a member of the legendary Midwest Triplett Twins. Leon will re-release selections of the Triplett Records label catalog on his new CD titled R&B Triplet Style by Leon Triplett, songs included are Tension Remover, Loaf of Bread, Johnnie Taylor, and Remedy. Music has taken a different direction and Leon’s mission is to keep real soul/R&B music alive. “I respect the singers like Chris Brown, they are doing a great job, but we have a huge fan base out there looking for that soul feel with good lyrics,” says Leon.

Leon Triplett’s mission is to bring back a sound that slowly began to change in the early 2000’s. He is a product of the inner city of Chicago’s south side housing projects, Ida B Wells. Many super singers and performers such as, Nat King Cole, Sam Cooke and Dinah Washington attended the same school as Leon. He knows real music and he has experienced a successful career performing the sound with his twin brother Levi Triplett. Leon made up half of the duo the Triplett Twins. They were a part of the Curtis Mayfield and Eddie Thomas label Curtom Records, which released the popular Triplett Twins songs Get It and Pretty Please in the 1970’s. Leon has pinned songs that expressed the love and affection that men have for women. Their music was infused with lyrics that expressed the sexual era of the 70’s.

The CD R&B Triplett Style by Leon Triplett released April 2015 via iTunes and CD Baby. One of the singles being released from the CD is Tension Remover, a smooth soul track with saxophones, this song is sure to be one of the listener’s favorites. Leon persuades a lady to allow him to be her “tension remover.” He is a lyrical genius that knows how to use his words to express his inner feelings without crossing the line of respect. The song Remedy is also a stand out track that immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to slow dance. Remedy has such a catchy hook, “Sometimes the best remedy for a closed mind is an open heart.” It’s been a long time since a compilation of music has been released that you can cozy up with that special someone and enjoy the music from start to finish. Leon’s family and friends are going crazy over the release of the music. The songs were carefully selected, the singles being released are songs that have released and received airplay as well as traction via internet radio, commercial radio, Music Choice, internet distribution sites, and blogs. Triplett Records music has spanned over four decades because good music is good music. Leon wants to bring back music that a man and woman can dance or step to at a social gathering, music that plays at your family cookouts or weddings. In 2014 the single Pretty Please was included in the movie Big Stone Gap, the movie starred Ashley Judd, Whoppi Goldberg, Jane Krakowski, and many other notable actors and actresses. “It was an honor to be included in the music for this movie, it shows that our music is timeless, our lyrics are relatable and our sound transitions over time,” says Leon.

Many have tried to re-classify the soul music sound as Old School but it is Rhythm and Blues, an indispensable part of our musical roots. The music of Elvis Presley will forever be known as rock & roll music. Even though rock & roll has evolved, it’s still rock music. Leon’s mission is to keep the Rhythm and Blues in R&B music. R&B music is timeless, look at Luther Vandross’s music from the 80’s, it is still playing on the radio today. All genres of music will continue to change, but we can’t change what it is, its good music.

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