Should You Continue In A Relationship With A Man Who Is Mentally Ill? Ask Dr. Karen!

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Dear Dr. Karen:

I’m a single woman who is intelligent, kindhearted, and attractive. I recently ended a relationship with a man who is bipolar and refuses to seek help. Recently, he invited me to a party. I saw very little of him and was pretty much left alone. When I gently expressed my concern, he screamed, “Get out!” and started swearing at me. He made quite a scene.

 I realize I’m stupid to want him and I should move on. We seem to want the same things, but his mood swings are off the chain! What is his problem and what can I do to help him?

                                                                   Mental Case

Dear Mental Case:

You ask what on earth is his problem? To borrow a phrase from teenagers, “Duh?” He is an un-medicated, bipolar person. As long as he won’t address the problem of his mood swings, there is no place on the swing for you.

 *** Ladies and Gentlemen: How would you handle your mate if they had a mental illness? Would you stay or would you go?

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