Shiftgig, New On Demand Work Provider…

… Is In Big Demand

By Ken Hare

Chicago Defender Staff Writer


Information technology is really changing the landscape of how businesses and workers are interacting with one another. Shiftgig, a staffing company that provides on-demand workers for its clients is expanding in Chicago. It’s expanding its services to both new industries and clients and workers while growing its number of Chicago employees to 150, up from 55 a year ago.

Shiftgig is on track to be in up to 25 cities by the end of 2016 and workers are filling over 10,000 shifts a month said Eddie Lou, CEO and co-founder of the company. Eddie Lou says his online platform connects people and businesses in the service industry. Such an innovative approach to staffing allows people to be more in control of their  lives and schedules according to an industry analyst.
According to market analyst, companies are looking for on-demand hourly workers and the trend is going to increase in the future. “There’s always going to be a demand for a temporary workforce … whether the economy is good or bad,” they said.  Shiftgig has over 625 businesses in its network.
Larry Baxter, a trends analyst added “This is another wave of the future, an on-demand workforce.”  You can visit their website here:


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