Serena and Drake have broken up

The two superstars Serena and Drake were inseparable this past summer, and their visibility as a couple was enhances exponentially as Serena captured the world’s imagination by going for a calendar Grand Slam in Tennis — and Drake was seen in her family suite supporting the voluptuous vixen from everywhere from London to Cincinnati to New York.
Things began taking a turn after a couple of episodes popped off after Serena lost in the semifinals at the U.S. Open, thereby failing to become the first woman to win the calendar Grand Slam in nearly 30 years (Steffi Graff accomplished the feat in 1988).
First, Drake was dragged all over social media as the blame for her subpar performance, which undoubtedly has an effect on their relationship.
Also, when engagement rumors between the two hit the internet, Drake’s camp was quick to shut down the talk that he bought a phat rock for the tennis diva after only a few months of dating.
Today, Serena’s team is coming out to say that not only are they not engaged, but the two aren’t even dating at all. As a source close to the duo shared with E! News:

“They are friends and nothing more,” the source said.

Perhaps the source is trying to protect what friendship they may have between them, but it does seem like the romance has fizzled as the summer went along.

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