Secret Service report could help Chris Brown's defense


Los Angeles (CNN) — A Secret Service report on Chris Brown’s alleged assault on a man in Washington on Sunday offers insight into the singer’s possible defense strategy.

The document obtained by CNN suggests that Brown’s bodyguard will take the rap for a man’s broken nose, while lawyers could question the creditability of one of the police officers who investigated the case.

“I was on the (tour) bus when I guess someone tried to get on and my bodyguard handled it,” Brown told a Secret Service officer investigating the incident on a sidewalk in front of the W Hotel just a few blocks from the White House. The incident happened around 4:25 a.m. Sunday, hours after the singer hosted a party at a nearby nightclub.

“Christopher Brown committed no crime,” his attorney Danny Onorato said Monday. “We understand that his security acted to protect Mr. Brown and his property, as he is authorized to do under District of Columbia law.

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