Seahawks Traded Percy Harvin Because He Questioned QB Russel Wilson’s Blackness

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, left, and Percy Harvin

Former Seattle Seahawks explosive wide receiver Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets because he openly questioned the “blackness” of golden boy and Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson.

That’s what the Bleacher Report alleges after speaking with factions within the Seahawks locker room.

The report portrays a locker room increasingly divided over Wilson and raises the possibility of racial tension among the Seahawks.

A player who chose to remain anonymous said Harvin had “increasing animosity” toward Wilson and was leading a faction of the team that was beginning to dislike the star quarterback.

The report, citing multiple interviews with Seahawks players, says some of the African-Americans on the team feel the multiracial Wilson “isn’t black enough.”

More than that, there is the belief among some Seahawks that Wilson isn’t accountable for his own mistakes, often blaming teammates for poor throws.

Whatever the reason, some Seahawks star players are irate that Harvin was traded, none more so than arguably their most important player, Marshawn Lynch, the running back workhorse whose ability to plow through defenses is cited as one of the biggest reasons why the Hawks won the Lombardi Trophy.

When he found out about the trade, Lynch reacted this way:

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