School District Holds First Official Integrated Prom (And Yes, You Are Reading This In 2014)

Jonathon Wolfe Photo

A Georgia school district is just holding its first racially integrated prom.
This past weekend, Wilcox County High School in Rochelle sponsored a prom for both black in white students. In the past the school has not sponsored proms, but instead allowed parents to sponsor segregated, invitation-only events.
Last year, a group of students organized a prom for students of all colors, although the school did not officially hold the event. The students raised money for the event via social media.
“Love really has no color, and I want everybody to know that if you stand up for something you believe in only positive things can come from it,” Mareshia Rucker, a 2013 prom organizer told WMAZ-TV said at the time.
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