RUMORS DEBUNKED! Historian and Scholar Dr. Conrad Worrill is in Great Spirits

CHICAGO…The social media rumor mill has once again churned out what can be labeled as, ‘fake news.’ Over the last few days, esteemed international historian and scholar Dr. Conrad Worrill, has been the subject of unfounded rumors and innuendos.

“Our founding board member, Dr. Conrad Worrill, who worked closely over the last 35 years with the founder and president/CEO of the Black United Fund of Illinois (BUFI), Henry L. English, has recently become challenged with multiple health issues,” shares Carolyn Day, BUFI’s executive director.

Day went on to say that, “We are in touch with his family and other concerned formations around the world. All are offering prayers and support for his healing. We have been in touch with Dr. Worrill, and he states, ‘I’m going to beat all of this, and I’ll be back!’ To say the least, he’s a (shujaa na mpignanaji) warrior and fighter. We look forward to his reigning return.”

For over five decades, Dr. Worrill has been a freedom fighter in the Black Movement around the world.

“Dr. Worrill is one of the most fascinating freedom fighters I’ve ever met in my journey to Black Excellence. I can tell you that he’s in great spirits, and the words that come from his mouth and his intellectual brain indicates to me that 85% of the rumors are untrue. We can’t wait to see him moving around BUFI’s headquarters checking to see if everyone is living up to the mission of Mr. Henry L. English,” states BUFI’s Chairman Carl West.

West added, “We wish our champion fighter a swift recovery.”

Cards and well-wishes for Dr. Worrill can be sent to BUFI’s Headquarters, c/o Dr. Conrad Worrill, 1809 E. 71st St., Chicago, IL 60649. We are not accepting any plants or flowers at this time.


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