Rudy Giuliani Says White Cops Are Needed To Stop Black People From Shooting Each Other

Meet The Press

WASHINGTON — Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) on Sunday criticized what he described as lopsided coverage of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, calling on the media to stop focusing on racially disproportionate police forces and pay more attention to black people killing one another.
“I find it very disappointing that you’re not discussing the fact that 93 percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. We’re talking about the exception here,” Giuliani said on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” referring to the Aug. 9 killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, in Ferguson by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. Brown’s death, which sparked extended and widely covered protests, has become a symbol for racial tensions in the United States.
Giuliani’s comments, which were a response to a question from host Chuck Todd about the racial makeup of police departments, prompted an outraged reaction from fellow panelist Michael Eric Dyson, a professor of sociology at Georgetown University.
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