Rose’, Cabernet, Chardonnay…Has Wine Become the New Comfort Food?

Wine has always been a popular drink. It comes in an attractive package with health benefits, a variety of flavors, and it’s just good! Since March, research has shown that wine sales across the nation have dramatically increased. With restaurants, lounges, and bars closing, avid wine drinkers and tasters have resorted to sipping glasses of wine from the comfort of their home to find a new level of comfort. So what exactly is the comfort that wine provides? Wine relaxes the body. It soothes the mind giving a feeling of euphoria with a single sip or gulp. It’s a classic beverage you can drink alone or enjoy with others, and it’s a perfect match with certain comfort foods.

Vintrendi Wines, a black-owned wine company in Park Forest, Illinois, takes the definition of comfort wine to a different level. With their selection of candy-flavored wines, it’s easy to understand why people find solace in this beverage. Rick Nesco, founder and CEO, stated that his company has deemed their wine selection as ”comfort wines” since the companies inception.

Many of our wines, 80 percent of them, are sweet. I would consider our wines as comfort drinks, as many of them are flavored after candy.”

 He went on to say that the combination of alcohol and sweet flavors of candy releases the natural brain chemicals that induce feelings of pleasure and relaxation, which instantly provides comfort to the mind, body, and soul.  As the interview continued, Rick graciously shared a few cocktail recipes he created using wines from Vintrendi’s Vine Candy collection. Check them out below.

Best Life Margarita

  • 6 Ounces of Life Blanca
  • 1 Shot of Silver Tequila
  • 1.5 Ounces of Lime Juice
  • Serve Over Ice in a White Wine Glass
  • Garnish Over Limes (optional)

The French Kiss

  • 6 Ounces of Vine Candy Chocolate Bliss
  • An ounce of Ciroc French Vanilla Vodka
  • Stir and Sip

After interviewing Rick and getting insight from a professional wine connoisseur and winemaker, I decided to get a different perspective on wine and the comfort it brings from an expert home bartender for those who are or have suddenly become in-house COVID cocktail creators. As an expert home bartender, Blair Savage, briefly shared her thoughts on wine being the new comfort food.

Wine is definitely a comfort drink/food. It’s easily accessible and comes in so many flavors to satisfy someone’s tastebuds. After a long day, a good glass of wine will give you that warm feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Before we wrapped things up, Blair shared one of her favorite homespun recipes for a Tropical Sangria. Take a look below.

Tropical Sangria

  • ½ Bottle of White  Madria Sangria
  • 3 Ounces of Pineapple Bacardi Rum
  • 2 Ounces of Triple Sec
  • Various Fruit juice (recommended mango, pineapple, cranberry, orange)
  • Fresh pineapple, peaches, and strawberries
  • Mix all ingredients, refrigerate for two hours, and serve.
  • Serving Size- 1 Pitcher

After reading these recipes, it’s easy to understand how wine is deemed as the new comfort food. As we continue to indulge in this soothing beverage, keep the creativity flowing, and find different ways to ”wine down.”

Heart Check

If wine isn’t your new comfort food, be sure you’re finding comfort in some way. Take time each day to check-in with yourself,  genuinely assess your needs, and meet them. Whether you decide to have a glass of wine or not, be sure to wind down in some way.

Liz Lampkin is a Lifestyle, Love, and Relationships writer living in Chicago. You can find her on social media @lizlampkin.

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