Rollin’ the Dice Since ’74: The Westside’s Very Own Born Losers MC

Founding Date: November 9, 1974

Birthplace: 5700 West Madison

Current Address: 4420 West Madison

“Bond so strong, only broken by weakest link.”

This singular motto binds all members of one of Chicago’s oldest black established Motorcycle Clubs.

They are called the “Born Losers,” which is a bit of a misnomer because this collective is anything but that. Several gentlemen motorcycle riders created the club. 

The name resulted from an engine part engraved “Born Losers.” The dice are reflective of craps, which enhances their trademark name. The colors are red and white. The original green and gold colors were changed due to a conflict with a rival club.

At the height of membership, each member had a city-affiliated job in every department. 

What the Born Losers Are

The Born Losers MC Club Chicago is 99 percent not an outlaw or 1 percent club. This is due to several factors. The club allows female members full membership. Women are not looked at as property or beneath men. They are respected and can hold office. 

Each Born Losers MC member is employed as a businessperson or an entrepreneur in the community. They sponsor a variety of community activities throughout the year.

Responsibility is the main factor in obtaining and maintaining membership. The members are law-abiding individuals.

 A Welcoming, Safe and Respectful Space

The first recognized female member was Juanita Miles, who held the Office of Secretary. Before her, one lady was designated a “Sweetheart.” The rule of a Sweetheart was that she was not allowed to date any members. 

Now there are over ten active female members. Ms. Muffy and Ms. Gigi are lifetime members. Ms. Muffy is the longest-standing member. Although women could seek membership, Past President Mr. Cowboy assisted in cultivating an atmosphere that was (and is) a welcoming, safe and respectful space. 

The Business of Membership 

All the affiliates of Born Losers MC Chicago are officially incorporated and trademarked. This allows members an opportunity — if they would like — to start businesses. 

In the 1980s and 90s, they all owned Westside AMOCO gas stations. Some also owned a nighttime lounge and several buildings over the years.

Those interested in obtaining membership have to experience a 90-day probationary period. A member brings someone in for recommendation. Various things can happen during this period. This process is for a particular person who can truly embrace motorcycle culture—all good, bad and ugly aspects.

Nicknames are granted for a variety of reasons. It can be either self-granted or member given. For example, Past President Goodwill Ambassador Slim Goodie came in with his moniker. Past President Mr. Cowboy received his name from Original Founder and Business Manager Mr. James due to his fancy cowboy hat. 


Currently, there are 4 Born Losers MC chapters:

  • Atlanta Born Losers MC
  • Chicago Born Losers MC
  • Birmingham Born Losers MC
  • Soul Knights New Orleans 

Snapshots of the Chicago Born Losers MC




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