Rideshare Company Recruits in Lawndale

Lawndale residents get to sign up with rideshare company uberX

Rideshare company uberX  hosted a recruitment event Tuesday in the Lawndale community.
“[Uber] is for anybody who wants to supplement their income or find a way to earn money in a flexible way,” Chris Taylor, general manager of Uber said.
The company worked with the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation to provide information to people in the community about the job. The way Uber works is simple, Taylor said. People who need to get somewhere and don’t want to pay for a cab or bus, can download the app and look for partners in the area. Those partners use their personal vehicle to pick up riders. Taylor said that uberX rides are 40% cheaper than cabs.
Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele addresses the attendees at the uberX presentation

Uber launched in 2009 and is in over 39 countries and 100 cities. Partners are able to set their own schedule and get paid 80% of what they make, weekly. Uber also provides its drivers with an iPhone. Those interested must have a four-door vehicle, pass a background check, be at least 21-years-old and have insurance. One of Uber’s partners will work with individuals who don’t already own a vehicle by offering them special financing.
Larry Dixon of the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation has been a partner for two months. He said that that Uber is great, especially for predominately Black communities that have high unemployment rates.
“Anytime there’s an opportunity to provide employment possibilities for residents in our communities, we want to be a part of that,” Dixon said.
Taylor said that just about anyone can do the job if they meet the requirements, but it’s really good for those who might be in-between jobs.
“It’s also people who got laid off and are looking for something to do for a couple of months while they’re looking for other jobs,” he said.
Roger Sanders, a Lawndale resident, has been out of work for a year and a half since he lost his security doorman job, he said. Sanders is interested in working with uberX because it will bring in more income.
“It’s hardly any jobs around here, people want jobs,” he said. “This makes it a little easier so this is a good thing,” he said.
For those who just might not be making enough, uberX is also for them.  Jaime Vruggink juggles multiple jobs such as tutor and childcare provider, but she isn’t able to save up enough for a missionary trip she wants to take.
“I just wanted to check it out today as a possible option,” Vruggink said.
Rideshare programs like uberX are really beneficial for underserved communities because some taxi drivers refuse to venture to some neighborhoods.
“People are reluctant to come into a community when they know that there’s the possibility of crime happening,” Robert Gaither, another resident said.
Taylor said that the flexibility and “high earning potential” is the best part of the job. “Anybody can do it so if you have a car and a spare couple of hours a week, then why not?”
Uber doesn’t require a credit check and they help people finance for a vehicle if they need one for the job. Dixon said those two things will really bring in African Americans.
uberX partners can make up to $25 an hour and they get to be their own boss. Training is usually completed in a day. Attendees had the opportunity to sign up at the recruitment event.
To become a driver sign up  HERE.

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