Rick Stone: The Blues Man

Black  Ensemble  Theater  Continues
Rick  Stone  The  Blues  Man
Written  And  Directed  By  Jackie  Taylor
July 14 – August 26, 2018

The Blues is an unforgettable sound that moves the soul. Originated by African Americans, Blues was developed from the painful deep roots to form a vibrant culture stemming from Spirituals and Folk music. B.B. King wrote: “The blues is an expression of anger against shame and humiliation.”
Most people feel that the Blues can’t be sung without a full heart and a troubled spirit; these are the conditions that have inspired countless blues songs from some of our greatest Blues singers such as B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Etta James, Lil Walter, Howlin’ Wolf and YES Rick Stone!
If you love the blues, you will also love writer and director Jackie Taylor’s real-life story of “Rick Stone: The Blues Man.” This musical celebrates friendships that run as deep as the iconic sounds of the Blues.
Looking for a fun night out in town, then you need to head on down to Ricky’s Place at 4450 N. Clark Street at the Black Ensemble Theater. Rick Stone is the Blues Man, and he gives an unbelievable performance of the Chicago Blues singer and guitarist Howlin Wolf. Stone embodies the spirit of the legendary Wolf, with his booming voice and his imposing physical presence that rocked the club to the core!
You’ve never seen anything like this Blues Club before; the dance floor is full, the drinks are endless, the incredible band never stops, and the regulars know precisely how to get your attention if you’re a newbie to the joint. This is the place where the soul of man never dies.
The regulars at the club– Dwight  Neal,  Theo  Huff,  Rhonda  Preston,  Cynthia  Carter,  and Kelvin  Davis– know how to tear down the house with savory songs by some of the greatest Blues singers of all times such as Bobby  Blue  Bland,  Koko  Taylor, Johnnie  Taylor, Taj  Mahal,  and  Buddy  Guy,  just  to  name  a  few, all while sharing their life experiences.
The club has a variety of different blues styles for the real blues lovers and a few special treats such as the Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf song battle performed by Ricky and Dwight. As Ricky’s special guests, you have the opportunity to sit on stage with the performers to embark in the festivities up close as they entertain you.
Ricky’s Place will keep you humming, singing and howling (no pun intended Mr. Wolf) throughout the night. The musical ambiance is just right with Lamont “Harmonic Man” Harris, a professional harmonica player who delivers as he plays his “mouth organ” alongside the musicians in this Blues Lover’s Paradise.

Brenda and Rick McCain

Let’s Play recommends that you get ready for some down home Blues at Ricky’s Place, where you will feel good all night long!
The cast includes:
Rick Stone, Dwight Neal, Theo Huff, Rhonda Preston, Cynthia Carter, Kelvin Davis, Lamont “Harmonica Man” Harris

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