Rick Ross’ fiancée Lira Galore caught thirsting after Wale and Meek Mill

lira and rick2
Rap impresario Rick Ross has to feel some kind of way knowing that his fiancée Lira Galore either wanted to or actually did smash the homies in the past.
We know it’s been years, but it should give Ricky Rozay pause to think that his video vixen woman used to be passed around the hip hop circles like a blunt. Remember, she was also linked to Justin Bieber.
People are beginning to wonder if Rick Ross properly vetted his woman before he let the world know that he wants to wife her up.
Now there is conclusive evidence that Galore used to fiend after both Wale and Meek Mill before she landed in Rick Ross’ mansion.
And here’s her post aspiring to be Ms. Wale:
Social media has taken note of Lira Galore’s “modis operandi” (mode of operations) and have some things to say about it. Take a look:

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