‘RHOA’s’ Cynthia Bailey Slams Nene Leakes, Tells Her to ‘Find a Better Wig’

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Cynthia Bailey, normally stoic and statuesque, departed from her normal disposition to take a shot at former friend Nene Leakes that literally peeled back her wig.

Bailey this times caused a few quakes underneath Leakes via a new Bravo blog, saying that Leakes misappropriated her energies of bashing Leakes and should, instead, should be on the lookout for “a decent wig and a more flattering makeup direction.”

Bailey used her verbal stiletto to stomp on Leakes after the actress hopped on “Watch What Happens Live,” to dispense to Andy Cohen the details of her battles with both Bailey and Kenya Moore, denouncing both of them, and proclaiming that she has no time for Bailey’s and Moore’s “drama” and “negativity.”

“I honestly do not want to get up every day and sit with a bunch of negative women that are b*tching over nothing,” NeNe said, later joking she called Cynthia a “funk box” because “she was looking so funky” on once occasion.

The cunning Cohen kept kicking up dust to keep the drama going, showing Leakes a video in which Bailey is shown bashing her behind her back while acting like her friend in front of her face.

“Little ol’ sad Cynthia,” NeNe said. “Let her have her moment — I don’t have the time, I’m on Broadway.”

Bailey, now tired of avoiding Leakes’ verbal punches like a skilled boxer, starting throwing some combinations of her own in a Bravo blog:

“It’s the same ol’ two step. Embrace the people that are with you and try to destroy the people who are not. I have seen her do it to other ladies on the show (past and present), so although it was disappointing, it was not a big surprise when she did it to me. It’s no secret that NeNe has gotten into it or fallen out (at one time or the other) with mostly all the ladies. My thing is this — if I’m so irrelevant and you don’t want to be my storyline (or should I say me be yours), why spend so much energy talking about me? That energy could have been put to better use looking for a decent wig and a more flattering makeup direction.”

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