‘RHOA’ Star Phaedra Parks Could Care Less about the Show’s Lies

phaedra-parks*Phaedra Parks doesn’t care about the drama between Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida. Did he lie abut lying or did she really propositioned him? Parks just doesn’t care.
“There has been so much lying and manipulation going on and it is not a constructive use of my time to keep score,”  Parks wrote in her Bravo blog.
She added, “in the end, it really doesn’t matter to me whether Apollo was telling the truth about what happened with Kenya.”
Still, there are many theories going around. Some fans and critics believe Moore was telling the truth and believed in the sincerity of Nida’s apologizing to her.
Then there’s NeNe Leakes‘ opinion. She believes Nida only apologized to Moore to get back at his now estranged wife.
“Hurt people, hurt people, and NeNe observed that Apollo was coming from a place of anger and self-inflicted pain. All in all, I think NeNe made a fair observation,” Parks said.
Parks added, “she [Leakes] also witnessed Kenya’s unladylike, disrespectful behavior with men so it was easy for her, and anyone else, to conclude that Kenya is not innocent.”
Parks for a short period of time thought about apologizing to Moore herself. Then, she changed her mind. Claudia Jordan believes Leakes has too much influence on the ladies.
“All it took was one statement from NeNe that she didn’t believe Apollo was telling the truth this time and boom, others fell right into line. That was amazing to me!” Jordan said. “I’m like, ‘Wow, Ms. Leakes. Please teach me how you just pulled that Jedi mind trick!
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