RG III Loses Special Privileges, Keeps Redskins Starter Position

robert griffin IIIHe may no longer have his special privileges, but Robert Griffin III still has starter position with the Washington Redskins.
According to SportsNetwork.com, the team’s head coach Jay Gruden confirmed the quarterback will start for the Redskins in this weekend’s game against the Colts at Indianapolis during a conference call on Monday.
The decision follows Washington’s second straight loss with the San Francisco 49’er’s scoring a 17-13 victory Sunday. Griffin managed just 106 yards on 11-of-19 passing and was sacked five times against the 49ers, with Washington gaining just 213 total yards for the game, Sports Network noted.
The week before, Griffin threw two interceptions and collected six sacks in the 27-7 Redskins’ loss at home to Tampa Bay. Prior to the San Francisco game, Gruden publicly criticized Griffin. Despite the criticism, Gruden mildly voiced his confidence in the athlete, telling reporters on Monday, “It’s my job to play the people who give us the best chance to win. Period. Right now, Robert is that guy.”
As the Redskins deal with yet another loss, Griffin has a personal setback on his hands with losing certain special privileges. Among those are his wife no longer being allowed at training camp practices, which is the same restriction for other player’s wives.
The action comes amid growing tension between Gruden and Griffin. The SportingNews.com reports that Redskins’ officials have apparently taken Gruden’s side with his tough-guy stance on RG3. From the looks of it, Griffin’s days of special treatment could be coming to an end in light of his recent performance.
“He’s auditioned long enough. Clock’s ticking. He’s got to play,” Gruden told the Sporting News. “We want Robert to excel, we really do. But the last two games, it hasn’t been very good, anywhere. We got to play better around him. And the biggest thing for us as play-callers, and for him, we just have to come together and jell with plays he’s comfortable with. That takes time. But we don’t have a lot of time.
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