Remembering Mercy Hospital shooting victims

Activist Pastor Calls for Civility and Urges Passage of Violence Legislation

Chicago activist pastor Reverend Anthony Williams is set to hold a Tuesday morning
news conference to mark the one year anniversary of the deadly Mercy Hospital shooting last

The incident, which occurred November 19, 2018, was set off by a gun-wielding former fiancé of
emergency room doctor, Tamara O’Neal. In addition to killing O’Neal, the 32-year old gunman Juan
Lopez, also shot and killed 25-year old Dayna Less, a pharmacy resident, and 28-year-old Chicago
police officer Samuel Jimenez.

According to Rev. Williams, “This tragic incident and the innocent lives that were lost reminds us of
the need for strong legislation to combat violence. We have such a measure; it is House Bill 0433,
which treats violence as a health crisis.” Adding Williams, “We cannot continue to accept violence
as some social condition; it must be recognized and treated as the disease that it is.”


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