Noted fashion designer fills runway with ‘non-models’ for annual fashion event

Designer Barbara Bates believes that every woman is entitled to wear beautifully tailored fashion no matter their age or size.  That is the premise behind the Annual “Real Women Wear Bates” fashion show on October 26.  The women strutting the catwalk will be career women, housewives, retirees and a few recognizable faces. Special invited host for the event is comedian Sinbad.  The show will be at Venue West, 221 N. Paulina Street.  Champagne reception is from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.; Fashion show begins at 5:30 p.m.

Bates is known nationwide as a leader in creating fashionable, meticulously tailored styles for celebrities, and it is her belief that every woman deserves beautiful design. Bates clients are celebs in their own right and this year’s models include Lt. Governor Julianna Stratton, States Attorney Kim Foxx and WGN News Anchor Micah Materre among others.  She began Bates Designs with a simple philosophy that women can wear anything if it fits them properly. “If it fits properly, it doesn’t matter if you wear a size 2 or size 22,” says Bates. “Designers and retailers are now catching up to the fact that all women want to be fashionably attired with clothes that are beautiful,  age-appropriate and that fit, and I’m proud to continue in that tradition at Bates Designs.” Fashionistas need only look at the popularity of plus size singer/rapper/flautist Lizzo and her ‘body positive” message to see that Bates has been ahead of her time in creating fashion for everyone.  

Bates was inspired by the fashionable attire worn by her mother and aunt and is now in her third decade of creating.  Bates’ designs have stood the test of time. Each piece from her collection represents hard work, creativity, and an attention to detail that’s unwavering with a clear vision of what people want.

Tickets for “Real Women Wear Bates” are on sale now for $150 and can be purchased by visiting the Barbara Bates website, by calling 312-808-8091, or visiting her atelier at 2031 S. Indiana.

Since beginning her fashion empire in 1986, Chicago-based fashion designer Barbara Bates has become a dynamic leader in the fashion industry. Bates Designs has dressed some of the world’s most fabulous fashionistas, entertainers, celebrity clients, community leaders and influential figures, including Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and Whitney Houston just to name a few.  A self-taught fashion designer, Bates was born and raised in Chicago. In 1984, she began selling her clothes during her lunch breaks while working as a secretary. Two years later, an investment of $5,000 from a client allowed Bates to go into the fashion business full time. In 1988, she opened a 700-square foot showroom. Today, Bates oversees a diverse staff in a sprawling design studio in Chicago’s South Loop.

For more information visit, barbarabatesdesigns.com.

Follow Bates Design on social media using the hashtags  #BatesDesign #RealWomenWearBates.

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