Quinton de'Alexander Combines Fashion and Philanthropy

Quinton de'Alexander designer combines Fashion and Philanthropy
Quinton de’Alexander designer combines Fashion and Philanthropy

Quinton de’Alexander Combines Fashion and Philanthropy
Quinton de’ Alexander has been described by Chicago Now as a “designer extraordinaire” who has taken the Chicago fashion scene to a new level.  And although his designs are  without question exquisite, dramatic, exotic at times and certainly unforgettable and always elegant and high fashion his best work is what he does  to make a difference in the community.
De’ Alexander combined fashion and philanthropy in inventive ways. He regularly offered free seats at his exclusive fashion shows to those who could not otherwise afford to attend. It was his was of introducing  some glamour and fun into the lives of young single mothers.  He  has arranged “spa days” with makeovers and modeling lessons, presenting a designer prom dress to the teen mom with the best grades. He created similar programs for the mature , building self-esteem in those whom society often ignores by staging fashion shows where seniors model designer originals.
Another side of de’ Alexander’s community work was inspired by his own solitary struggle to learn the skills he needed to succeed in the field of fashion design. Through an organization he’s founded called Creativity United, Inc., de’ Alexander helps aspiring artists to gain a foothold in all facets of the design industry. Creativity United also hosted the Midwest Fashion and Beauty Designer Awards, an annual event recognizing the achievements of both established and beginning designers.
And if that isn’t enough, his pride and joy is his annual event ‘Creativity United’ Project, ‘We Live and Remember in Color’ hosted this year  Saturday, August 1, 2015  at The DuSable Museum.  
The annual even  celebrates some extraordinary people. Survivors that have over come some challenging obstacles who live to  share their testimonies to encourage and inspire  other’s to keep their faith and get through what they must go through to heal.
Project “We Live And Remember In Color” ground breaking mission is to unify the awareness colors of health and humanity in one ribbon. Our objective is to stress the importance of knowing your color. Knowing your color is the key to mind and body support, disease prevention and humanitarian assistance. Because people give most to what matters to them, Project “We Live And Remember In Color” intends to showcase events in collaboration with other organizations in fundraising efforts toward the many “Colors” that affect us all. (colors refer to the colors of the ribbons attributed to the disease with which it is associate i.e.., pink is breast cancer)
 Quinton de’Alexander  is quite extraordinary himself.  I spoke with him during production and under the gun only to recognize his serene calm and composure as he continued to work and pull together  the final touches that will bring the event attendees to their feet.  It really will be an amazing red carpet event which dazzle everyone. The attire is black tie.
He showed me some event photos from years past and I was enthralled at the stage settings and asked, “Who’s your set designer?” only to hear him reply, “Me.”
This he also does, just one more task, a major task I might add  given all else that he does to assure that the participants, attendees and honoree’s all have a pleasant evening to remember. 
But perhaps the most alarming factor in all this is that he lost his mother with whom he was very close  earlier this year around Mother’s Day. He expressed,” At one point I thought to put the event on hiatus and then realized my mother wouldn’t want that. She’d prefer that I do my work, to serve and contribute to those in need, so here I am, here we are ready to celebrate humanity.” 
de’Alexander  says, “We at ‘Project ‘We Live and Remember in Color’ is on your side. Celebrating individuals and assisting you with realizing that ‘life is a song worth singing’!!!! Celebrate life!!! For more information of our ‘we dream in color’ humanitarian celebration, please visit:www.weliveandremember.com. ‘Media center/video’s’ to view highlights of past celebrations.
Call for tickets: 773-440-4198 for tickets or more information.


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