Prosecutors in R. Kelly Sex Abuse Case Introduce New Video Evidence as Charge Count Rises From 10 to 18

Kelly returned to court last Wednesday morning where State prosecutors introduced new evidence to the ongoing criminal proceedings.

The DVD provided to the courts by the prosecution, allegedly shows Kelly engaging in sexual activity with an underage, 14-year-old girl.  This new evidence seemingly supports the charges of sexualabuse the grand jury indicted the singer on back in May 2019.

These new charges have been added to the already pending 10 counts of sexual abuse filed against the R&B superstar covering allegations of rape between the late 1990’s to 2010 and bringing the grand total to 18 charges; ranging from Class X felony of aggravated criminal sexual assault to Class 1 felonies criminal sexual assault.

Judge Lawrence Flood, who’s presided over the case since the initial hearing, has threatened criminal charges for anyone who shares the video.

Flood expects the singer’s criminal trial to begin early in 2020.

As of now, Kelly remains free on bond with his next hearing scheduled for August 15.


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